South Carolina Modular Housing Institute

Buying a Modular Home in South Carolina

A tough building code, a series of required state and local inspections, strict licensing; all promote homebuyer protection and satisfaction in the Palmetto State.


                                                 Stringent Building Code 
                                                                 In South Carolina, modular homes are 

                                                 built to the same building code as site-built homes, the International Residential Code. That means that modular homes are built with the same materials and to the same stringent standards for safety, insulation, durability and quality as other homes.

Sales by State-Licensed Experts
In our state, only three types of highly-qualified licensed builders can sell a modular home:

Each of these must earn a license from the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, the agency which reviews the qualifications and oversees the licensing and bonding of builders.

Construction by Licensed Builders
Only Residential Home Builders and General Contractors, the construction experts described above, qualify to assemble the components (sometimes called modules or sections) of the home on-site. Typically these companies prepare the homesite, construct the home and add all the other elements such as decks, landscaping, and driveways that make a house a home.

The plans for each home must undergo double scrutiny to guarantee that they are built to these high standards. The plans for each home are reviewed by employees of the SC Building Codes Council, the state agency which oversees modular sales and production in South Carolina. In addition, independent inspectors approved by the State of South Carolina inspect the homes as their components are built in the factory.

There is yet another layer of inspection and protection for modular homebuyers in South Carolina. The local building code official inspects the foundation and installation of the home to be certain that it meets the rigorous International Residential Code.

Modular homes are built to the same building code as site-built homes and sold and placed on the home site by the same licensed builders as other homes. And, of course, under South Carolina law they are treated exactly like site-built homes under all city and county zoning ordinances.